How do I print Worksheets / Song Sheets / Craft Sheets?

There are 2 ways to print sheets from Kinder Helper.  We recommend you use the first option.

1.  The easy way ("" or "print")

For this your need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.  What's Acrobat Reader?  It's a free software program that can be used for sharing documents over the internet.  You can download it for free from Adobe's homepage here: Download Acrobat Reader.

  1. In locate the worksheet / song sheet / craft sheet you want to print.

  2. Click the icon "" or the link "print".

  3. The sheet should open up in Acrobat Reader.

  4. Simply press print.

2.  The other way

It's possible to print directly from the Kinder Helper website (File / Print) but using this method is difficult to set the size of the image to print perfectly on A4.  It's far easier to copy and paste the image into your word processor to print the picture to fit A4 paper perfectly.  Here's how to with Microsoft Word:

  1. In locate the sheet you want to print .
  2. Right click on the sheet image and select "Copy".
  3. Open your word processing program.
  4. Right click on your open document and select "Paste".
  5. Now you should see the sheet on your screen.  You can re-size it if needed by clicking on the picture and then clicking and dragging the handles.
  6. You may want to resize the page boarders (using the rulers) so that the image fits your page perfectly (try a few prints and adjustments).  It's probably a good idea to save your adjusted page as a template so that you can keep your adjustments for future printing. 
  7. To print: from the tool bar select File / Print.  In the Print Range area at the prompt for "Pages" type "1".  Put A4 paper in your printer and then click "OK".


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