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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I print a worksheet / song sheet / craft sheet?
For step by step instructions on printing our worksheets / song sheets / craft sheets please click here: Printing Instructions.

How do I print a picture onto a flashcard?
For step by step instructions on printing our flashcards please click here: Printing Instructions.

Can I save images from onto my computer?
Yes, you can store all images and pictures onto your hard drive.  However, they can only be for your own use in class.  You may make worksheet copies for your students to use in class, but you may not make copies for the use of others (including other teachers or other students).  Images and pictures from may not be used in any published materials or on any website without permission. is protected by copyright Kinder Helper (see full terms & conditions).

How do I save an image to hard disk?
Click your right mouse button over the image you want to save.  From the menu list, left click on "Save Picture As..." or "Save Image As...".  Choose a folder to save the image in and rename the file if required (it is probably a good idea to create a new folder to save your images to).

Can I order ready-made flashcards?
Yes!  We have our flashcards professionally printed for sale worldwide.  All flashcards are printed on A6 size, laminated card.  For details click here.

Will you be adding more flashcards / worksheets / song sheets / crafts?
Yes!  We'll be adding more images to the existing stock on a regular basis, as well as branching into new areas in the near future.

Can I make suggestions for flashcards / worksheets / song sheets?
Yes, we would be very pleased to hear your suggestions.  By giving us suggestions we can build a website that is useful for all who use it.  Please email your suggestions here.

Can I contribute some of my own materials to Kinder Helper?
Yes, any flashcard images, clip art, worksheets, song sheets or craft sheets you have produced can be emailed to us here.  We can only accept materials saved in file format, not paper copies.  However, any materials submitted must have been produced by you and not copied or reproduced from any published materials or other websites as we do not want to get into any copyright infringement issues.  Unfortunately, we cannot pay for your contributions, but we can add a credit to your contributions (please let us know if you would like your name displayed on your materials when you email them to us).

Do you issue a newsletter so I can be kept up to date of any changes?
We are sorry, but we don't offer a newsletter at this present time..


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