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Teacher Resource Books
  • Recommended Teacher Resource books:
    - The Best of Dr. Jean series: There are four books in this series: Science & Math, Hands-On Art, Reading & Writing, Puppets & Storytime. They are published by Scholastic.
    - Dr. Jean's Teaching Tunes series: There are four books in this series also: Favorite Songs, Nursery Rhymes, Early Phonics, and Basic Concepts.
    - Frog Street Reproducible Sing & Read Books: I like the Colors, Numbers, and Shapes reproducible books.
    - A Framework for Understanding Poverty - by Dr. Ruby Payne )a MUST READ if you will be teaching in an impoverished area).
    - Comprehensive Literacy Resource for Preschool Teachers by Miriam P. Trehearne.
    - Comprehensive Literacy Resource for Kindergarten Teachers by Miriam P. Trehearne.
  • Buying books can be expensive - however, there are cheaper options: Scholastic book orders/sales, garage sales, thrift stores, and discount book stores. Don't spend all of your money on books, you can collect them throughout the school year for free using your Scholastic Bonus Points. Scholastic will also hold warehouse sales two or three times a year in most states, you can go directly to their warehouse and shop for books at half-price.

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