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Kinder Tips, Hints & Ideas for Kindergarten Teachers


  • On the board draw three lines for writing on - the bottom line brown (the dirt), the middle line green (grass) and the top line blue (sky). Then when demonstrating how to draw a letter you can refer to the lines the letters touch and it keeps their attention easier than boring normal lines.
  • Chinese children often practice learning to write using a calligraphy brush, water and a specially treated gray mat that allows the brush strokes to appear on. While it is wet, the children can see how their brush strokes look. Some of these mats can be bought in any stationary store in a city where there is a China town. It is so fascinating for children to use a brush, water or even a finger tip dipped in water.
  • Practice writing, spelling, math or whatever with shaving cream!  Have students clear their desks and give them a glob of shaving cream to write in with their fingers.  This also cleans the desks and makes the room smell great!  When all dried up, sponge off the desks.

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