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Kinder Tips, Hints & Ideas for Kindergarten Teachers


First Day of School
  • Many kids have never been ANYWHERE before, so the first week or so teach how to walk in a line, sit on the carpet, sit in a chair, eat within 30 minutes, etc.
  • Do a "Picture of Me" the first day (have to go through what is on a face, where do eyes, nose, etc. go? What color is your hair? No not, green, etc). Second full day read the Kissing Hand, then trace their hand, let them color it and put a heart sticker inside.
  • Have something for each student to do at the table when they first arrive on the first day. Crayons and paper are a sure and safe bet for the first day. Put out blank paper and crayons and pre-date all of the papers. This way once they are finished you can collect the papers and put them in their portfolios to show their very first attempts at drawing. Be prepared to have LOTS of paper available as pre-k and kinder students can draw one little scribble on a page and say "I'm done!". If you are brave and put out toys for arrival on the first day be prepared for them to do inappropriate things with them like throw, put in their mouth, or use in ways that they weren't intended to be used. It's best to save the toys for later when you can properly introduce them, you won't have time during arrival on the first day.
  • During the entire first week of school, we play the "Get To Know You Game". The game takes about 10 min. We sit in a circle and take turns rolling a squeeze ball to each other. Each day I pick a new question to answer. When the ball is rolled to you, you say your name and repeat the entire sentence and fill in your answer.

    Ex. Hi, my name is ________. My favorite color is _________.

    List of ideas we do: age, favorite color, pets, number of people in family, favorite food
    I have also done this activity in the upper grades and have extended it into the second week of school: least food, favorite tv show, favorite movie, sport, hobby, where you live, vacations

    By the end of the week it helps all of us match a face to the names, the teacher gets to know a lot about the students(shy, outspoken, speech problems, language problems, comprehension) and the students get to know their teacher.

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