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Kinder Tips, Hints & Ideas for Kindergarten Teachers


Attention Gaining Strategies
  • Hands Up: T shout “Hands Up” – all Ss hands up. Don’t say “Hands down” until you have the focus of all Ss.
  • When you're within hearing range of a few children, say in a normal-level voice, "if you can hear me, clap once, " "if you can hear me, clap twice," etc... sometimes throw in a weird direction like "if you can hear me, touch your nose...".
  • Try a battery operated doorbell that you push when I need the students' attention. You can buy them anywhere, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc.
  • Other ideas: flick the lights on and off, clap a pattern, sing a song, chimes/bells, whisper.

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