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Printable resources for kindergarten, pre-school & elementary school teachers and parents. Over 1,500 flashcards, hundreds of clip art images, 1,000+  worksheets, paper crafts, classroom activities and much more!



Worksheets: We have over 70 categories with over 1,000 printable worksheets for kindergarten kids including alphabet printing, spelling, coloring, dot-to-dot, numbers & counting, animals, food, family, weather, time, body, nature, shapes, spelling, bingo, months, house, shopping & money, holidays and many more! >>> Click here!


D'Nealian Handwriting Worksheets: We have over 150 worksheets that use D'Nealian (Modern) script for alphabet practice, writing practice and phonics practice.  These worksheets use regular block fonts and well as arrows, guide-lines and tracing dots.  Perfect for kindergarten students! >>> Click here!


Flashcards: We have over 80 categories with over 1,500 flash cards designed for kindergarten kids including alphabet, numbers, food, colors, shapes, animals, Christmas, Halloween, sports, transport, clothes, family, body and many more! Each card has a picture and word - great for double sided flashcards! >>> Click here!

  Crafts: We have many kindergarten paper and card crafts. Simple cut, paste and color crafts including shapes, numbers, nature, transportation, face, family, weather, Christmas, Easter, Halloween and many more! >>> Click here!
  Clip Art: Over 1,200 clip art images for kindergarten kids in color and black & white. Great for making your own worksheets, crafts, greeting cards, posters and more >>> Click here!
  Song Sheets: Color and black & white song sheets for popular children's songs. Just print out and use in class as a song poster.  Includes ABC Song, Old MacDonald and Rainbow Song >>> Click here!
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